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The Genesis of Dogs

The Genesis of Dogs
Every so often I branch out and make something a bit different...different in form, or intention or media. Last year I made, perhaps only my second or third artist book, a piece called "The Genesis of Dogs".  It's an apocryphal take on the beginning of things, and not meant to be anything other than that. The dogs on their stands are about 8" tall. There are 15 of them, each carrying one of the stanzas of the text.

Here's the text:
The Genesis of Dogs
by Zia Gipson
Supposedly on the 4th or 5th day, maybe it was later, 
God created cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind 
(this according to the Vatican), 
But critically He left something out, so when he was finishing puffing himself up and patting himself on the back and was distracted making football, 
She, the Goddess, stepped in 
and on the 8thday she created DOGS, 
of every type and size.
There was some reasoning behind this, 
as God had screwed up some of the creating bits, 
The Goddess figured humans would need dogs to help them cope with all the errors in creation, 
And to share the woes that certainly were to come,
Because God’s big MISTAKE 
was making snakes that climb trees
 and talk convincingly about apples.
And so it was.        ###

This book, if you're interested, is $150, plus tax if you're in WA State. It's an edition of 10 of which only two have been  made thus far.