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An Obsession with Pussy Hat Girls and Their Outfits

Late at night when I can't sleep I sometimes draw on my Ipad because I can do it from the couch in the living room where I am hanging out begging my Muse to let me nod off. She's a ruthless taskmaster, however, and sometimes only will allow rest after I've read a little, or drawn a little, or eaten a banana (perhaps sharing a morsel with my good dog MIMI). Last night it was more Pussy Hat girls.

Greeting Cards


Many of us are outraged by the events of the last year when not-my-president was elected. In and effort to keep on resisting and persisting I've published my first wide distribution greeting cards during 2017. The images are famous ones with a very current twist.

Mona Lisa with Pussy Hat is one of a long line of mash-ups of great artwork offered in the tradition of Duchamp, Dali, Warhol and others. Luncheon on the Grass, Manet's great, and at the time controversial painting, offers a different take...some figures naked, some not, some male, some female, all with pink hats.

These two cards are carried in several shops including those at the Bainbridge Museum of Art, Fuller Craft Museum, HubBUB (Centralia, WA), and more retailers are coming on.

I'm happy to ship to you if you are a wholesaler.  Please plan to order 2 dozen minimum (I recommend one each of the two styles) at a wholesale rate of $3 each or $72 plus tax if within WA State. First time shipping is free. Subsequent shipping is $5.

(I also offer boxed sets of 8 cards at $24. You can order either design or a mixed box.)

If you want to pick up smaller orders, let me know.  If you have ideas of retailers who might wish to carry the cards, I'd love to know.

Depending of how this goes, I may reopen my Etsy store or add in an e-commerce link on this site.

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