For the last two years I've been teaching a course called, "Passionate Paper".The class is two days in length and covers many topics related to joomchi or as I have come to call it, felted paper. 

I teach at the Pacific Northwest Art School and in other venues around Puget Sound. I also have started teaching small classes of two students in my studio on S.Whidbey Island. If you're interested in offering this course to your students or taking the course yourself please reach out to me via the contact form.

Here's the full description:
Passionate Paper Portfolio in Felted Paper
Celebrating Texture, Pattern and Color in
2 & 3 Dimensional Paper Collage 
This is an introductory to advanced course in the ancient Korean technique of joomchi or felted paper. In this context the word 'felted' means that this method of fusing papers uses some of the same hand tools and styles of manipulation that one can use in making felt from wool fiber. In both cases, the main tools are the hands and water. Having studied papermaking for several years and traveled extensively in Asia I will also talk about the uses of paper in traditional rural societies in Korea and Japan.
The fulltwo days will include a history of hand paper making using long fiber papers especially mulberry fiber as it is still practiced around the world. We'll build collages without glue or other usual methods of adhesion relying instead on the natural process of papermaking. Once we've worked our paper by rolling and by hand we can shape the papers into a 3 dimensional form or cast the assembled layers into strong, stiff shapes. We'll explore the options for final texture from a soft, fabric like finished product to a stiff, highly crumpled sheet. Color in your composition will come via the dyes in the long fiber papers you use or in surface design at any stage of the process always color and pattern can be an important or subtle element in your composition. Towards the end of the class you will turn one of your finished, dry sheets of paper into a simple portfolio using hand stitching for structure and embellishment.
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